2024 Three Acts of Goodness International Microfilm Contest
Terms and Conditions


To spread truth, kindness, and beauty of the world in response to the Three Acts of Goodness, “do good deeds, speak good words, and have good thoughts,” as advocated by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. The “Three Acts of Goodness Microfilm Contest” aims to inspire talents in different regions to present the most beautiful and kindest stories in life in microfilm format, joining together to promote love and peace in the world.

【Contest Themes】

“Let's go places!”

It is good to have, but can also be enriched with emptiness. We can create infinite possibilities without limit.

Working toward a better future.

【Activity Dates】


【To Register】

First Step: Complete online registration form, download the Authorization Letter, which should be completed and signed before scanning into e-file for uploading as attachment. The artwork entry is to be uploaded to YouTube as a non-public/private link for the Institute-in-Charge to evaluate.

Second Step: Upon notification of approval, please artwork re-upload to contestant’s own Google Drive as a sharing link.Registration is then complete.

Please see the contest’s website for details: www.blia.org/3goodnessfilm/2024terms-en. For any questions, please email: newmedia@blia.org to the attention of “Three Acts of Goodness Microfilm Evaluation Team.”

【Film Requirements】


*Subject to taxes according to the law.


    1) Theme expression: 50% (must be close to the theme)
    2) Creativity: 30% (imaginative and creative presentation)
    3) Overall presentation: 20% (film is complete in its production)

【Announcement of Results】

Winning entries will be recognized with awards in September 2024 tentatively. Announcement will be made at BLIA World Headquarters Facebook page and BLIA World Headquarters official website. And winners will be duly notified. The time of announcement will be decided by BLIA World Headquarters.

【Please Note / Frequently Asked Questions】




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